Friday, November 9, 2007

Where the hell are my buns of steel??

The girls and I spent the first 3 days of this week at an indoor waterpark. Don't worry, we weren't sister, mother, and niece came along for the ride. It evened up the adult/child ratio a bit, which was nice. Let me just say, Kalahari in Sandusky is a super-fun place! Ok, onto the chaos. We left monday around noon, which meant that from 6:30 until noon all I heard were the chickens following me around clucking "Mommy, is it time to go yet?" (Note to self: next time, keep any plans for trips a secret until 2 minutes before it's time to leave so as to retain as much of my ever-depleting sanity as possible.) There were 7 of us which meant that we had to take 2 cars. Olivia rode with Lilly to keep her occupied and the twins went with me. Let me just say that 1 1/2 hours sounds like a short car ride until you actually have to DRIVE it...even making new CDs for the girls to listen to didn't occupy them for long - I don't think we made it 10 mintues before the fighting began. Needless to say, I had quite a headache by the time we arrived.

It looked quite impressive - bridge over a pond (complete with swans, ducks, waterfalls, and fountains) from the parking lot to the entrance. The rooms were fantastic and the complex was HUGE. There was a candy shop, a coffee shop, 3 gift shops, a pottery place, spa, mini-golf, arcade, huge jungle gym complete with guns and cannons that shot foam balls, not to mention the waterpark. As is our luck, our rooms were not quite ready when we arrived, but would be in the next couple hours (you can use the water park at noon on the day of check-in but your room isn't promised to be ready until 4) - so that's what we did. Oh, did I mention that it is all african themed and there was a lion cub in the lobby when we arrived?!! Yep - SOOO COOL!

In the waterpark itself there were a number of things to do. Lots of waterslides of course, a pool with basketball hoops, a pool with floating lillypads to walk on (or more likely, fall off of), a climbing structure with spurting hoses and slides, etc..., a water rollercoaster, a surfing thing, a lazy-river ride, indoor/outdoor hot tub, etc...and they are opening the addition at the end of next month that is as big as the existing part with a bunch of new stuff. There's also a huge outdoor pool play area for summertime.

The kids had a blast - the adults were exhausted...and for the number of stairs we climbed...we should all have buns of steel! Unfortunately, mine seem to be missing.


Lil Kate said...

I'm *so* jealous that there was a lion cub in the lobby!!!

tiffanymiller said...

So when are you *we* going back?

Dr. Who said...

Hey, so what's been going on with you lately??? I feel out of the loop!