Monday, October 29, 2007

Tales of what was supposed to be a relaxing weekend...

A weekend with kids at their daddy’s house, no work to do in the lab because my cells decided to be uncooperative, no appointments to keep….ahhh, sounds relaxing. I wish. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t know how to NOT be busy, or because I am a complete retard and make my own trouble – but I somehow manage to make myself insanely busy on these kid-free weekends (let’s call them KFWs, why not? it makes it more fun – shut up and deal with it).
I get up in the morning on Saturday and attempt to make petit fours. Don’t ask me why...I’ve never done it and wanted to see if I could do it. They didn’t turn out too bad. The coating was a little strange, but I have another recipe to try that I think will be better. Take home message: my kitchen was busy and messy for a total of 3 hours with very little result…why do I do these things to myself????
I have been in desperate need of groceries for about a week – well, more likely, I was in desperate need of the MOTIVATION to go shop for, carry in from the car, and put away said groceries. It was the desire to get them that was missing. I even went so far as to go through a drive-thru and get several meals worth of food so that I could avoid the store longer…sad, I know. The reality is that when the kids aren’t home, I am usually busy and/or tired and eating isn’t tops on my list of things to do – seems ridiculously silly to actually cook a meal just for me (gee, can you tell I’ve never really been alone?) – so I eat things like cereal, yogurt when I’m starving – but mostly I just never feel hungry enough to bother…problem is, my mother knows this. For some reason my eating habits have become a great concern of hers…and I don’t know why. Really, it wouldn’t kill me to drop a few #s. ;o) Saturday afternoon I call my mother and she’s making a fabulous dinner (as she all too often does) – so off I go to her house for some real food that doesn’t need re-hydrated and/or picked up from a drive-thru. I feel the need to explain a bit about my parent’s house – we lovingly call it the COMMUNE because at one point or another (and some at the same time) as adults my siblings and I have all moved back into that house with our families. It’s a zoo – ALL THE TIME. My brother, his fiancé, and their daughter still live there actually. My sister comes over for dinner a couple times a week. It’s a place of constant activity and chaos – always has been, always will be – we just accept it as normal – after all, it has always been that way. After dinner we decide that we are going to go to a Halloween party at a local bar (to be known as “the club” from here on out) that has karaoke. I HATE karaoke, but I’m not a party pooper so I agree to go. My sister wants to dress up, of course – so when she comes over she brings a box, some construction paper, and 2 rolls of black electrical tape. She hands it to me and says, “I want to be a Rubix Cube – can you help me?” She knows me well enough to know that #1-I’m not going to “help” her, I’m just going to DO it myself, and #2 – that I’m OCD enough to make a fantastic Rubix Cube (plays to the strengths of my disorder, perfect squares, in order, lined up, etc…) LOL! After 2 hours of cutting, gluing, folding, taping, etc…my sister was a perfectly square, slightly mixed up Rubix Cube (if you know my sister you know she certainly couldn’t have been a COMPLETED one). We got to the party at The Club – it’s lame – we eat some bar food, have a few drinks and go home.
End Saturday.
Sunday morning I wake up at 6:30 and can’t go back to sleep. This is only a problem because I’m TIRED and didn’t get to bed until about 1am the night before. I have a day of outlet shopping with my friends planned for the day – I’m supposed to meet them at 10:30 at the outlet stores, about 40 minutes away. When I got home the previous night there was a message from my eldest daughter wanting to talk to me – so I call her during my drive. She is insanely upset that she only gets to go Trick-or-Treating with her dad this year (they are with him on Wednesday) – but he tells her that Trick-or-Treating in Grandma’s neighborhood is today and that Mommy can pick her up if she wants to go. WHAT THE HELL? First of all, I have plans for the day, and second of all he NEVER lets me have the girls when it’s his time with them. Damn it. Now what? I can’t tell her NO, Mommy’s busy – she is genuinely upset. So I tell her that I will pick her and her sisters up to take them T-or-Ting…because I’m a sucker – and a good Mommy I suppose. So then we rush through shopping, rush through lunch, and I speed home to pick up their costumes and then go pick them up. T-or-Ting is from 4-6 (it’s daylight – SOOO retarded IMO). We make it by 4:15 – get the costumes on and go beg for candy for a few blocks. (did I mention that I think T-or-Ting is horrid and I HATE it??) Anyway, we go back to my mom’s afterwards (the Commune – pure chaos, remember) – hang out for a little bit, then I take them back to Daddy’s house. On my way home I decide that I really NEED groceries and stop at the store. I walk in my door at almost 9 (after leaving at 9:30) – and was exhausted. In fact, so tired that I didn’t even put ALL of my groceries away last night (which is unheard of for someone as OCD as I am at times).
Funny part – I’m actually happy I’m at work this morning – maybe I can relax a bit!


Lil Kate said...

Justin used to catch naps in the room behind the autoclave(s)... I'm just sayin'...

Wow! You do know how to give yourself a hectic weekend! For your sake, I really do hope that you get to relax at work a bit today.

Dr. Who said...

Just reading your post made me tired with all your running around. I think *I'll* take a nap now. (;

tiffanymiller said...

You are a Great Momma!