Monday, October 13, 2008

It's like CRACK on paper...

I'm obsessed. What a shock! I know, I know - this ALWAYS happens. Not since the Harry Potter series have I been so sucked into a book - but now, this Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer has me ignoring the fact that the world is still turning. I started book one a little over a week ago - and have been reading a few pages here and there. Friday night I started REALLY getting to the good part - by Saturday morning I was nearly finished. I came into the lab on Saturday and while I was waiting for various things, read some more. Saturday night I finished book 1 - and without missing a beat - started book 2. By about 10:30 on Sunday morning I had finished book 2. Now - most normal people don't sit and read a 600 page book barely moving, annoyed by the fact that every couple of hours I had to STOP to pee...but hey, we all realized I was NOT normal a long time ago...let's move on. After I had finished book 2, I took a quick shower and headed out to the store. On the way there I had this slight feeling of panic - what was I going to do if they didn't have books 3 and 4? That's when I realized that I had a serious problem. I KNEW they had them, I had seen them earlier in the week sitting there on the shelves - and figured I would pick them up in a couple weeks when I finished the others (at that point, I was only a couple hundred pages into book 1 - and SOOO NAIVE!!) - but still, the thought that they MIGHT NOT BE THERE actually worried me. I'm telling you, it's sick. Luckily I got there and both books were waiting for me (yes, specifically for ME).

I went home, put my snuggly sweats back on (had to wear real clothes to the store - you never know who might be there, looking for a cute, somewhat crazy, but very very fun new girlfriend) and situated myself back on my couch. After another couple of hours of looking outside feeling guilty that I was wasting a perfectly gorgeous day sitting inside with my nose stuck in a book, I did what any rational, perfectly sane, incredibly thoughtful person would do - I went to the park, found a perfectly acceptable tree in the middle of the woods and planted my nose right back into my story - hey, give me a break, at least I was OUTSIDE enjoying the weather...(oh, and I was sure to change back out of my only-to-be-worn-in-the-privacy-of-home ugly sweats first).

After another couple hours I went home and made some dinner, forced myself to read the journal club article I needed to present the following morning - and then tried to go to sleep...but I couldn't...not without....just....a.....few......more.........chapters................and then it was 1AM. Hours had passed in what seemed like minutes. I got up this morning when my alarm went off the FIRST TIME so that I could get into the lab early and get stuff done - because I NEEDED to leave early - why?? Well silly, because I only have a couple hundred pages left in book 3 and I need to end this madness - the only way I see that happening - is to put my life on hold and just get this overwith. And I'm more than happy to do exactly that...

HA! See, I'm being rational....right? right?? anyone??? Okay, fine - I can't even type it with a straight face, how can I expect anyone to believe such nonsense?!?! Now, if you'll exuse me - my vampire friends are waiting to tell me the rest of their CRACK on paper...hello, my name is Gretchen, and I am addicted to these books. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Lilly

My sweet niece turned 4 a little over a week ago. Due to various conflicts in everyone's schedule, her birthday party had to be postponed until this weekend. Being the glutton for punishment that I am, I asked the little angel what kind of a birthday cake she wanted for her party. She came up with various things and then finally decided on a castle cake - with a DRAGON...because, as everyone knows, castles ALWAYS have dragons. (I have no idea where she got this, but there was no doubt in her mind, so we just went with it) After scouring every store I could find in search of a dragon (with wings, she's a detail-oriented child) I had to give up. I figured I would make her the castle cake and maybe, just maybe I would make her a dragon out of fondant (I'll save you the suspense, that didn't happen). So, woke up this morning and started baking the 4 cakes it would take to make the castle, let them cool, went to the store twice for ingredients (is there some reason I *always* forget something critical during the first trip?), and spent the afternoon building a castle out of cake. Here are some photos from the progress...

And here's the finished product. My kids suggested the windows on the towers, and I put sparkly sugar crystals on the top of each layer. By the time I got to the end - I was so damn tired of frosting, I got kinda lazy - and wasn't very careful. The truth is, the 4-year old isn't going to it's good enough. I hope she likes it - even without the dragon. Hey, life is full of disappointments, she might as well learn that lesson early. Happy Birthday sweetie!!