Thursday, December 6, 2007

Really...I got nothin'

I haven't posted in quite a while - but nothing blog-worthy has really been going on. For those of you that are interested (which is just short of amazing) - I'll attempt to give an update on the chaos that is my life.

Thanksgiving was a rather quiet one this year. The girls were at their Dad's house (he actually cooked...I'll give you a minute to stop the hysterical laughter...ok, let's move on). I went to the Commune for dinner -which was amazing as always. On the way home I stopped and picked up a few plants for Duf's new now he has an oxygen-rich environment in which to write his all-important grants.

Since then it's been the normal chaos. The girls all went to the eye doctor and the twins had to get glasses. Savannah was fine with it but Miss Sid didn't take the news so well. We picked them up on Tuesday though and Sidney seems to really like them. Let's hope that feeling lasts.

Work has been very busy - lots to get done, very little motivation to do it. I get to start some new, very cool experiments though so hopefully that will incresase my desire to get it done - at least a little this point, I'll take whatever I can get.

The ex-hubby is still being a jackass. Wow, I know - surprised everyone with that, right?! His latest issue is that he wants the girls to spend Christmas morning with him. When we went to court the last time, I requested that the Christmas holiday start at 9pm on Christmas eve, so that the girls would spend Christmas ONE place each year. Even though that means that every other year I won't get to see them on Christmas, I think it makes it a better holiday for them to not have to rush around opening presents at one house and then getting ready to rush off to the other house by 10am. After all - it should be about THEM. This point is completely lost on him.

We have a pre-trial for the motion that the jackass filed to name him residential parent. He claims that because I moved to Chardon, the custody agreement should be reversed. Didn't you hear? Chardon apparently is a TERRIBLE place to raise children. It's one of the best school districts in the state - but of course, enrolling the girls there would be harmful to them. I don't see how the judge could possibly side with him on this one. The decision hasn't even been final for a year yet. It was clearly stated in the trial that I was considering moving to Chardon. In the final divorce decree it also stated that I could move to any adjoining county to Lake county. I haven't broken any of these rules - so I don't really see how he has any grounds for his request other than he doesn't like it this way. Boo Hoo...poor jackass...I won, he lost. He needs to just deal with it. My new lawyer filed a motion opposing his - claiming that he had no grounds for his complaint. Best case scenario - we go to court on Monday, the judge agrees that he has no basis for his argument and throws the case out. Worst case - we set a trial date and have a hearing over this nonsense. Cross your fingers and toes...I'd really love to just get this over and done with.

This past weekend was quite fun - getting to hang out with LilKate was quite a treat...Lunch with A's family was highly entertaining...and my brother-in-law had a birthday, so Mom cooked dinner - which was amazing, as always. Other than that...chaos as usual. Really - that's all I got for ya.

And because I feel the need to entertain you, at least a's the latest cartoon of choice. I actually printed this one out and hung it on my wall of funnies. Ahhh, the joys of science...


Lil Kate said...

I will keep everything crossed that I can possibly cross for you. I'll even sacrifice some human tumor cells to the gods for you. :)

LabTech said...

wow - thanks!!! Although I'm not really sure why the gods would want human tumor cells. ;-) They are a less-than-desireable thing usually. I'm sure it will be fine's getting there that's the problem. I just hope the magistrate sees how ridiculous his motion is and throws it out - that would save me a lot of time and money.